I'm Dora, they call me the Explorer. Fitting as I've moved 33 times since I started to walk. 

Currently I am an art director in Milan at Publicis Italy. I work on clients like Diesel, Heineken, Sky and Renault. 

Before I landed here I did internships in: Tokyo, New York and Miami. There I managed to work on clients such as McDonald's, Guinness, DAZN, Glad and SC Johnson. 

All of this was during my studies at Miami Ad School, just after I graduated Oxford Brookes University as an Arts Manager. 

To see what I've done so far please see my portfolio!



2017-PRESENT   Publics Italia Milano / Art Director

Heineken, Diesel, Nescafé, Sky, Kinder, Auchan, Garnier, Renault, Tampax, Leroy Merlin, Jäger, Dacia, Fanta, Coca-Cola, Honest, Nestlè, Orange

 2017   Ogilvy & Mather Japan / Art Director Intern

SC Johnson, DAZN, Condomania, Vixen, Photo Kanon, Guinness 

2016   JWT New York  / Art Director Intern

Zyrtec, Special K., Cutex, Revlon, Love Has No Labels

2016   Alma DDB / Art Director Intern  

McDonald's, McCormick, Glad, Clorox, Kingsford,  Presidente

2014 - 2015  Two Horse Films / Consultant

2014 - 2015  Fufavi / Brand Manager      

2014 - 2015  Kepesita Collection / Blog and Project                                        Coordinator  

2013 - 2014  Niruati Ltd. / Art and Project Manager


Publications Linkedin

Dacia: The Auction

adweekdaciatheauction.dacia.it, motori, engage.it, today.it, crisalidepress.it, youmark.it, libero24x7, spot&web, iamcalcio, publicitàitalia, tuttoudinese

Bose & Sea Shepherd: Sonic Saviour

adsoftheworldhelloyoucreativesgraphis, adeeveenowymarketing

John Lewis: Clean Collection

D&AD, adsoftheworld

Nike: A light in the dark

adsoftheworldadeevee, advertologcoloribus

Cloud Curriculum

nowymarketing, adeevee, advertologcoloribus

Voices for the Damned

adeevee, advertologcoloribus

Alternative Universe


Lego: Home Again

nowymarketing, adeevee, advertologcoloribus

Authentic News

adsoftheworld, adeevee, advertologcoloribus, nowymarketing

Pearson: Sia

Ads of the World,  Coloribus, Desicreative

Spatial Tetris

adsoftheworldnowymarketing, adeevee, advertolog, coloribus




2018 Cannes Lions - Direct: Shortlist / Dacia: The Auction

2018 New York Festivals Finalist / Authentic News

2017 SCA Finalist Winner / Bose & Sea Shepherd: Sonic Saviour

2017 SCA Bronze Winner / Uberlink

2017 Young Shits Winner / Authentic News

2017 D&AD Wood Pencil Winner / John Lewis: Clean Collection

2017 Future Lions Shortlist /  Bose & Sea Shepherd: Sonic Saviour

2017 Future Lions Shortlist / Pearson: SIA

2016 Future Lions Shortlist / John Lewis: Clean Collection


2015 - 2017  Miami Ad School Berlin / Art Direction

2011 - 2015  Oxford Brookes University / BA (Hons) in Arts                                          Management  



Adobe Creative Suite CC


English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), 

Hungarian (native speaker)